Monday, December 29, 2008

I suck as a blogger... I think my perfectionist tendencies are to blame.
I think of good blogging ideas, but wait until inspiration has left me.
I often feel too shy to blog what I really think, or nervous at how public it is, and that my words could someday come back to haunt me. They COULD and WOULD.
I also try to wait until I have good accompanying photos, which I never have.
Oh, and when I get time to post, I can't decide what to post, and I loathe to post several things in one day; I want to post things sporadically.
But I will try to get better about it--definitely a New Year's resolution. Even if no one ever reads a word of this thang.
The end.

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Blogger Teresa said...

I disagree! I appreciated the honesty and genuineness of your blogging. Life can be hard... don't be so hard on yourself.

7:43 AM  

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